Most Hated Boss

We all have come across one of these. In a sinful world they just make life even more miserable. Attached is an article I came across from the ‘Lifestyle’ magazine in Singapore, July 2004 issue. I like the concluding statement and question the author posed at the end of the article; “It would be easy to laugh off the antics of such bad bosses and move on, if we didn’t have mortgages to pay. We all know bad bosses exist, no question there. What I want to know is, what can we do about it?”


As Christians in the marketplace, how do we represent God with such bosses we work with. More than that, are we such bosses ourselves when we deal with our subordinates at work?


We would like your comments and stories if you have. More importantly, how have you personally dealt with the situation.


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Timothy Liu 07th July 2004


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