Web-Site Review

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship -  Ministry in Daily Life 
Website : www.ivmdl.org

Mission: To affirm the biblical truth that Jesus is Lord of all life and every place – and assert the biblical teaching that God calls all Christian to places of ministry.

The resources available on this website are best described as extensive yet brief.  The site provides snippets and challenges one to be creative.  You will not find detailed articles on how to lead a film discussion group using such-and-such movie or how to create a Bible study lesson vocational guidance.  Instead, the material provides a launching pad for you to discharge your gifts according to your passions, be it giving a talk, leading a discussion group or Bible study, writing articles, etc.  Below, I highlight what I’ve found to be most interesting and useful.

Resources with direct ministry application:


1. The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity – Thoughtful and well-researched articles on life in general and workplace issues. 

2. Reflections – Articles that engage both the mind and heart.  One senses a spirit of been-there-and-here-are-my-thoughts-on-this as one reads the articles.

3. Case studies – A mixture of brief biographies of saints in the workplace followed by discussion questions, and questions and answers based on real life situations that people have found themselves in at the workplace.

4. Bible studies – Free to use and reproduce.  Five brief studies on calling, preparedness, servanthood, righteousness and witnessing in the marketplace.  Great for complementing your own lessons.

5. Audio interviews – Numerous one-minute clips on life, work, and faith.

6. Word in Life Study Bible – Provides brief commentaries on Bible passages to do with work.


Resources for further research:


1. Books – Brief reviews of books addressing faith at work issues; grouped thematically.

2. Directories – Lists of US-based resources to empower the Christian layperson, including Christian leadership ministries, periodicals, laity study options and more. 

3. Web links – A list of marketplace ministries with brief reviews provided.


Reviewed By : Joice Gouw (Aug 2002)

MCN is making this information known as part of our service to our Ministry Partners of resxources related to Marketplace Ministry and Training.