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When you think “spirituality,” do you think chanting monks, your spiritual formation coach, hours spent in fervent prayer, or extended time with the Lord surrounded by the peace offered by nature? Does the word “discipleship” conjure visions of leaving one’s family to follow Christ to a distant and unevangelized land, or carefully counting the costs before responding to Christ’s call to carry one’s cross? Can one be spiritual amidst the craziness and complexities of life? What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ who works 40 or more hours a week and has a slew of commitments to the family, a significant other, friends, the church and a myriad of other nonprofit organizations?


Webster writes about God’s provision for deep spirituality in the midst of life’s ordinariness and how we can be Christ’s disciples as a friend, a single person, a spouse and a family member. Webster claims that relationships are the proving ground for the gospel because of their impact on the authenticity of worship, ministry and witness and are therefore the place in life where the soul needs to be revived and restored.


Soulcraft is about relating the gospel to the full spectrum of relational needs and challenges. It is the art of discerning, applying and enjoying the wisdom of God in every aspect of life, It is about loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength in the ordinary relationships of life. It addresses the twin ingredients of the Christian life — discipleship and spirituality — and discusses the impact of our relation to God on our self— understanding, friendships, marriages and parenting styles. Even spiritual formation in the area of sexuality is explored. In a sex—saturated culture where eroticism has deadened the soul, soulcraft works at reuniting the body and soul, and distinguishing between God-given sexual desire and God-denying sexual lust.


Webster writes in a heartfelt and compelling manner; his writing moves you to wanting to sense and experience God in the everyday. He writes as a wise and insightful teacher, gentle and yet uncompromising; he urges you to join him in the glorious and magnificent adventure that God has called us to - life and its rhythms and routines


Check out the book: Click Here. Inter-Varsity Press.


Joice Gouw

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Title: Soulcraft

Author: Douglas D. Webster