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Have you ever wondered or been fascinated with how different cultural lenses and worldviews affect the ways your brothers and sister in the faith perceive Jesus and live out the gospel? Cultural differences can be the spice of life as well as the bane of one’s life. As we interact with people from cultures other than our own, we begin to see that there isn’t just one way of doing anything. We even understand that in evangelism, we need to understand our audience’s worldview in order to make our gospel presentation culturally relevant. Yet how is it that arcs peop1e receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, we expect them to turn into clones of ourselves - worship, dress, do church and “live the Christian Iife” as we do Is there only one way of being a Christian? Does the Bible leave no room for cultural differences in expressing one’s faith?


Paul—Gordon Chandler has traversed the world observing and gaining insight into different expressions of the gospel. He paints for us in broad cultural categories a mosaic of the Church around the world. He brings to us from six different parts of the world a prominent aspect of the way Christians in each particular region live and think. Whilst written for and targeted at the Western church, we call all learn from our brothers and sisters around the world: South Asian Christians and their deep fascination for Jesus the Great Teacher, Middle Eastern Christians and their perseverance in the midst of tension and hostility, and East Asian Christians who have a very big view of God. Chandler does not idealize the non-Western church; they are not without their own set of problems. He highlights certain cultural aspects so that we may analyze our own worldviews and break free from whatever unhealthy cultural conditioning we may have.


Overall, a very enlightening, inspirational and neat little book.


Check out the book: Click Here. Inter-Varsity Press


Joice Gouw


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Title: God’s Global Mosaic

Author: Paul-Gordon Chandler