Web-Site Review

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)


RZIM's primary mission is to expand the teaching and preaching ministry of Ravi Zacharias in order to equip Christians to engage the philosophical and cultural assumptions of the world they live in. RZIM offers an apologetic to the claims of the worldviews that run counter to those of Christianity. Their aim is to reach people's hearts through their intellect and imagination. They target ministers of the Church - those in the academy, arts, media, sciences, politics, business - without ignoring professional clergy. RZIM recognizes the importance of influencing the minds and hearts of present and future leaders in all spheres of life for the sake of the gospel.

The RZIM website is pretty typical in terms of what's available:
· Articles and essays
· Books and tapes one can purchase
· A helpful list of books for further reading and research
· Taped lectures and radio broadcasts available free of charge

Compared to other websites, the range of resources is pretty narrow. However, it beats other sites and ministries in terms of density and depth. Reading or listening to any RZIM resource requires mental agility and focus, and patience to fully comprehend and take in their thoughts. Nevertheless, your ruminations are worth the while if you are seeking to put on the mind of Jesus and engage your friends, co-workers, neighbours and culture in a thoughtful manner.

Joice Gouw

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