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Global Opportunities
Website: http://www.globalopps.org/

What it is:
An agency that mobilizes and equips cross-cultural lay witnesses (tentmakers). They are interested in partnering with Christians who are committed to making Christ known to other people groups and who possess occupational skills that are in demand in countries that are closed to the gospel.

What is does:
GO points you to tentmaker training materials, training events (in the US), seminars and workshops (also in the US), and speakers for your missions events. GO answers your questions about tentmaking, provides job acquisition assistance and whenever possible, links you with missionaries and tentmakers in your host country.

Who started it:
Ruth Siemens. Her testimony is posted on the website. It is an inspiring story of a woman after God's heart who drew on His resources, faithfulness and courage, and extended His love and grace to all around her. Read it and be challenged!

What the website provides (for those who are not based in the US):
Articles that explain the Biblical rationale for tentmaking. As you read the articles and papers, quite a bit of material is repeated but only because they're wanting to highlight certain issues regarding tentmaking that need to be made known and to emphasize the evangelistic style that GO advocates for their tentmakers (known as GO Associates). Read the articles to glean from their method of fishing evangelism, one that is used in hostile and sensitive situations, but which is also great to use at your workplace. These articles on the website are free to download. Unfortunately, there aren't that many of them. That's because intellectual property rarely comes free.
There are also a few stories of tentmakers and their experiences in their host countries posted on the website. These are an interesting read. Then there is GO World, a free periodical available for users to download. Whilst an excellent paper, its frequency of issue is uncertain and a new issue has yet to be made available since May 2002.

Joice Gouw
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