Web-Site Review

Faith at Work (NZ)

Website: www.faithatwork.org.nz

Mission: To provide “training and resources related to career and life planning, the theology of work and vocation, everyday spirituality, ethics for business and the marketplace, and the ministry and mission of the laity in daily life from a Christian perspective.

A training and research programme born out of one man’s research (funded by a group of his friends in business) into the issues Christians face in their work and to determine the value of developing training courses to address the issues of faith and work.  His research helped him identify four broad categories of concern (God’s work & our work, career & life planning, marketplace ethics, everyday spirituality) around which he offers training at the Bible College of New Zealand to equip and support Christians for life in the marketplace. 

So we don’t all live in New Zealand. 

The website is designed around the four broad categories in addition to listing resources for small groups, churches and the laity.  Under each category, there are book reviews, links to other sites, topical papers and courses offered by the programme (at BCNZ).

I found the most interesting feature of this website to be the topical papers.  They are thoughtful and well-informed.  They can be used as tools to generate intelligent discourse and motivate further action.  The site pulls resources from a number of other websites.  The papers raise awareness of workplace issues and cry out for closer working relations between laity and clergy in addressing these issues in a mindful manner. 

The most useful pages have to be those listing resources for small groups, churches and the laity.  Their lists are short and relevant.  Unfortunately, these are resources that one would have to purchase from the stores; no free downloads here.

Reviewed by: Joice Gouw (Sep 2002)


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