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I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bruce
presented the Prayer of Jabez, found in 1 Chronicles
4:9-10 in a balanced way. He talked about a God
who wants to give good gifts to His children, the power of prayer and submission to God’s will. It was without a tinge of self-indulgence for personal glory but for a heart who’s passion is to have God’s will played out in our lives.


As you read this book, note the principles of a victorious Christian life;

1. A yearning for God to bless us. The blessing comes in the form of His will and not ours and God’s sized blessing and call, not ours.

2. To extend our circle of influence, so as to dispense God’s grace and love to those we come across. Deliberately asking, intentional ministry.

3. When the God sized blessing comes, we are presented with a God sized task. We are again humbled knowing that only God can pull us through. Biggest lesson learnt? If we feel that we are no longer dependent on God, we are in serious spiritual dung hole. (To put it crudely).

4. Choose your battles carefully and don’t waste resources unnecessarily. Why endure temptations when we can plead God to take it away? Not that God will always take it away for reasons beyond us. But even our Lord Jesus taught us to pray “...and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil..” This is also different from sufferings which according to Paul, produces character and hope which do not disappoint. (Rom 5:3-5).

It’s an easy to read book with plenty of stories and illustrations. I urge you as you read, to pray for God’s blessing for you in the Marketplace and your Ministry. As for me, God is working and blessing me with His God sized task and I am learning to depend on His gracious Hand to be upon me.


Written By : Timothy Liu

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Title : The Prayer of Jabez

Author : Bruce Wilkinson

ISBN No. 1-57673-733-0

Prayer of Jabez

Initial Doubts

I must admit that when I was first presented with the
book from a friend, I was hesitant. My first reaction was,
“Could it be even Christian that we should ask God to
‘Bless me indeed !!!” I had heard mix review but it is
better to read it for my own, for better or for worse.