Taking a post-modernist argument to its logical conclusion and application, one really has no need to follow any laws of the land because, who is in a place to say what is right or wrong? One can therefore do what ever one wants, even commit murder for pleasure, and who is to say that the person is wrong? However, this concept of relative morality is itself oxymoronic because it postulate that 'The Absolute Truth is that there is no absolute truth."

The reclamation of a sense of absolute moral truth brings back a system of reference, much like when the concept of length (as in meters or feet) is lost. How long or short something is will be relative to your mood of the day. Reclaiming a sense of absolute moral truth also brings back accountability within the various occupations and professions. No amount of law is able to govern unless the law is governed from within.

Ethics and Christian principles are more than just academic or coffee break discussion. It is also the fundamental support for economic structure. For some, it is also a matter between living and dying.

Written By: Timothy Liu 19th Aug, 2002

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